Effective Ways To Use Customized Coasters

No matter whom you’re shopping for – an elderly neighbor, girlfriend, dad, teacher - we do know they have one thing in common: they all detest water rings on furniture surfaces. 

Available in a myriad of designs, custom coasters save furniture from damages such as spills, marks, and scratches in style. By placing a lovely, personalized coaster down on the table, it keeps its surface looking pristine, and spruces up the dining space.

That said, coasters can be used for more than just resting your drink on and keeping surfaces protected. There are several creative ways to use uniquely customized coasters effectively.

Customized Coasters


Customized coasters are highly functional and make great gifts during most celebratory occasions. They come in singles, or in sets.

One idea is to customize a set of themed coasters with each family member’s name on every piece. During festive seasons, these custom coasters make perfect gifts for families. The lovely coasters also present a fun way for families to bond. Moreover, they are truly useful for avoiding mix-up of beverages!

Another gift idea is to present a beautiful set of custom coasters with initials or names as housewarming gifts for new homeowners. The family would appreciate the thoughts put into the personalized gifts and be delighted to have practical use for them.

Customized Coasters


Customized coasters make memorable party favors that are also easy on the wallet.

They are perfect gifts for thanking your guests who grace the party. Guests will be thrilled to see their names lovingly embellished on the coasters. Moreover, customized coasters are fun to have, and are great conversation starters. They’re also practical presents that your guests can bring home to use.

What's more, if you’re worried about lugging heavy party favours to off-site parties or events, customized coasters are lightweight hence easy to carry, and easy to store.

Customized Coasters

Customized Coasters


You don’t have to break your wedding budget for meaningful wedding favors that leave great impressions. Anything custom-made for a wedding are likely to make a difference and be more appreciated by guests.

Custom coasters printed with couples’ names, as well as wedding date, are sure to come in handy. Together with a bottle of fresh lemonade, or a tiny bottle of champagne, a custom coaster makes for a lovely wedding favor. Whether your guests display the coasters, or use them, they’re wonderful reminders of that special day.

Besides wedding favors, custom coasters make great place cards too! Personalize the coasters by adding the guests' names and add them to the table setting. This way, you’re able to get dual use out of your custom coaster wedding favor. Rather than using paper place cards that get discarded after the wedding, your guests can take home something useful. Moreover, the double duty of custom coasters saves you some money as well.

Customized Coasters


You might want to consider using custom coasters as a creative way to gift co-workers as part of team-building effort, or as a novel way to to market oneself. If you own a business or are self-employed as a freelancer, here are a couple of ways to go about it:

  • Customized Coasters as Free Gifts: Compact, lightweight and durable, customized coasters are easy to transport and store. Co-workers and clients would appreciate giveaways that they can use and are less likely to toss them away.
  • Customized Coasters as Business Card: Thinking outside the box is vital for businesses today, particularly if you would like to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. What better way to break the ice than to hand out a customized coaster as a business card? It would be a great conversation starter too! 

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